New Store Launch: Phase One

Opening a new store without a Phase One Project could be suicide and eliminate a store’s chance for success!

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This is what you need to get your new store open.

Success is in the planning.

A PHASE ONE PROJECT usually takes about a week to complete. The project will give you a RETAIL SITE ANALYSIS, a COMPETITIVE SURVEY, and a FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT/ANALYSIS. This project will be in ‘Bank Ready’ form and has been used in SBA Loan Packaging (504, 7A, others), USDA loans, COOP Loans, Economic Development funding, Food Desert grants and more. Do not overpay with lawyers, CPA firms, and non-Industry people…this is too important, and you are in good hands with an industry veteran who also has the accounting skills.

A PHASE ONE PROJECT can also be done for retailers that are already up and running…and YES, better late than never. We simply come in and complete the RETAIL SITE ANALYSIS and COMPETITIVE SURVEY as we normally would, then pivot and use your current and past financials to construct your FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT/ANALYSIS. Wouldn’t you feel better having a file on each of you stores-that includes a Pro-Forma Operating Statement (P&L) based on changes you will make, a Break-Even Analysis for Sales (This will tell you to the penny, what your sales need to be to turn a profit), a Break-Even Analysis for Cash Flow (This will tell you to the penny, what it takes to pay your bills, notes, etc. This will also include adjustments to depreciation, loan balance pay-down, and more.). We can also help you construct a budget moving forward. Without these financial items in your hands-it would be very hard to operate your business.

A PHASE ONE PROJECT is what you need to get your new store open, or to bring you up to speed-as to where you ‘really are’ financially.


  1. The RETAIL SITE ANALYSIS proved that my location is a winner, or ‘loser’?
  2. The RETAIL SITE ANALYSIS demographic section opened my eyes to area growth!
  3. The COMPETITIVE SURVEY clearly demonstrates that I need a different format…
  4. The COMPETITIVE SURVEY shows my target Gross Profit may be unrealistic…
  5. The FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT exceeded the documents the bank wanted for my loan…
  6. The FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT made the difference on my SBA Loan approval….
  7. The PHASE ONE PROJECT combined all of the essentials I needed to ‘pull the trigger’.
  8. The PHASE ONE PROJECT saved me from certain failure and bankruptcy, glad I did it..
  9. The PHASE ONE PROJECT was done by a Retailer/Accountant who understands me…
  10. The PHASE ONE PROJECT was money well spent, it was cheaper than failure….

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