Shrink Audit and Analysis

Don’t feel alone, MOST retail grocers have never undergone a ‘SHRINK AUDIT’. Shrink control has been the biggest challenge facing grocers for years.

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Lost profits…Lost Cash...never to return.

Can you afford that?

Every store has SHRINK, and if you’ve never had your business undergo a ‘SHRINK AUDIT’ by a professional…you’re kidding yourself and allowing thousands of dollars to leave your business. Lost profits…Lost Cash…never to return. Can you afford that? Of course not, this is a pennies business, competition and innovation are fierce and costly…so every penny in your operation MUST be accounted for.

First question is, ‘Do you have a SHRINK PROGRAM’ in place? If the answer is ‘No’ (be honest now), you cannot afford to wait. Call us immediately to schedule a SHRINK AUDIT, you are losing CASH every day that goes by…Joe The Grocer will stop that. A shrink audit usually takes a full day, per location. Joe will travel to your store, begin early…and finish late. The SHRINK AUDIT will begin on the front-end and uncover schemes such as ‘Top Line Manipulation’, ‘Negative Tender Games’, ‘Sweethearting’ and more….

During the day, Joe will move through every department (Grocery, Meat, Produce, Dairy, Deli, etc.) and identify all of your SHRINK and BAD PRACTICES, quantify it in real dollars-so that you know exactly how much you are losing. Joe will review the Back Door operation, your weekly ad, your equipment room, and store operations. It will be thorough and may prove embarrassing to the ‘know it all’s’ in the store. At the end of the SHRINK AUDIT, Joe will provide management or ownership a SHRINK ANALYSIS, that will outline the AUDIT and some suggestions moving forward. If hired, Joe will construct and implement a FULL SHRINK PROGRAM for your store(s).


  1. Why does my inventory reflect a much lower gross than my (GIG) Going-In-Gross?
  2. My sales are growing, why isn’t my cash growing also?
  3. Why does cashier M reflect a lower Meat Distribution than cashier X?
  4. What is Top-Line Manipulation? I had no idea this type of theft existed……
  5. How does the warehouse written ad affect my gross? Can I afford to sit still?
  6. My refrigerated cases look fine, but are they efficient? What does Joe know that I don’t?
  7. Would automation help my SHRINK, or is it overkill?
  8. Does Joe’s experience matter? So what if he’s gone in 10,000 stores and ‘seen it all’ in every format, in every state…I’ve been running this store for 25 years, struggling?
  9. I wish I had known how AFFORDABLE a SHRINK AUDIT was…, I got my money back the very FIRST WEEK! Why did I wait?
  10. How does a store operation recapture lost dollars? Joe’s plan saved us….

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