New Store Launch: Phase Two

So, you are opening a new store-and need a ‘PRO’ to help you get it off the ground?

Schedule Your New Store Phase Two Project

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We've launched many new stores.

Let an expert help you with all the details.

We’ve launched many-all formats, sizes, shapes, and many at a time. A PHASE TWO PROJECT can include as much or as little as you want. We can help Pre-Opening with financials, site layout, project management, equipment selection, lease negotiation, bid solicitation and review, supply network, and merchandise layout. We can also help Post-Opening as well to ensure your concept succeeds. In most cases, we are hired to help get you open…open your store with you…then consult post opening to make sure your management and staff are well-trained, given support ongoing, and that the operations are ‘solid’.

Perfecting you Business Plan is what we do. Your marketing plan…does it include a print and distribute plan, a data capture mechanism for customer intelligence, analytics that are ‘right-sized’ for your business, a social media program that earns you income and more? We will build this for you…implement the program…and you reap the benefits. Have you thought about your Grand Opening? Sure, there will always be attractive specials for the bargain hunters…but, how do we keep those shoppers? Do you need, and more importantly, can you afford a Shopper Loyalty Program?

We are EXPERTS at PROJECT MANAGEMENT. A PHASE TWO PROJECT can be customized to fit your business, be accomplished on a budget, and ensure that your launch is successful. You have invested the money to get open…so, let the ‘steady-hand’ help you along the way.

A PHASE TWO PROJECT is affordable, and with any new venture-we will give you the support and experience you’ll need to capture the achievable amount of market share. It’s FREE to call us and discuss this.


  1. My business plan was weak, glad I made the call and got experienced help…
  2. I didn’t know about the FREE GOODS and PLACEMENT MONEY available out there.
  3. Free equipment? I didn’t know so many manufacturers had placement programs.
  4. The Best Practices we learned during the PHASE TWO PROJECT saved us $1,000s.
  5. We didn’t know anything about Section 179 equipment expensing…wow…$650k!!
  6. After hiring Joe, we now have 350 items in our store with OUR LABEL…OUR BRAND!
  7. Buying some of our equipment at Auction, saved us nearly $200,000, thanks Joe.
  8. Our new accounting system was made simple after we hired Joe.
  9. We opened with a FULL SHRINK PROGRAM in place, thanks to PHASE TWO!
  10.  After seeing the benefits of a PHASE ONE PROJECT, PHASE TWO was a no brainer!

Do you need a New Store Launch Phase Two Project?

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