On-site Projects

Joseph Welsh Consulting specializes in ‘On-site Projects’. We will travel to your store for a week, two-weeks, 11 consecutive days, or whatever you, the Retailer, need.

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Each store is unique ... Each market is unique.

Each project is taken very seriously by Joseph Welsh Consulting.

On-site Projects may range from a merchandising overhaul, new equipment installations, grand opening support, building additions, manager training, interim management for any reason, and more. Do you need all of your perishable departments producing more distribution and gross profit? Is it time to add specialty foods to your grocery mix? Do your financials need a serious look at, from backdoor to general ledger? Are dollar stores hurting your private label, thus hurting your gross? Do you need a complete new ad strategy, new identity, in-store ‘roller’, and weekly merchandising plan? Joseph Welsh Consulting is the answer. Call us today, it’s free!

Projects usually include a Pre-Project Evaluation of your store and market, progress reports during the project, and lastly a closing Project report. The costs of these projects can vary widely, based on the time-scope-and distance. Joseph Welsh Consulting is dedicated to the survival of the Independent Retail Grocer.

Joseph Welsh Consulting is fully aware of the ‘tight margin’ nature of this business. Every penny counts in the life of an Independent Retail Grocer, and this will be SERIOUS BUSINESS, once we engage and start the project.

All store projects remain confidential per our Non-Disclosure Agreement. For your convenience, see our sample projects page, for ideas, estimated cost information, etc.

Let’s discuss your store and project, set a date and sign the agreements to protect you. Once a deposit has been collected, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

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