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How can we conduct a survey, confidentially, and get insight-as to what our problem is? Ask Joe!

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Surveys help you understand how to increase your business.

We can get the information you seek.

If you are a manufacturer of food, equipment, services, or in another business related to the retail supermarket industry…we can help. Joseph Welsh Consulting has been hired frequently to conduct surveys (sometimes confidentially) with target retailers-and to help companies understand just how to increase their business. We have strong relationships with 100’s of store owners and Retail Leaders…and we can get you the information you seek. Why are we not selling more equipment to Independents? Why can we not get our products into Chain Store X? How can we conduct a survey, confidentially, and get insight-as to what our problem is? Our sales team is failing? Food shows are expensive…what can we do? The answer is to, Just Call Joe!

Your team and Joe will address the problem/opportunity-and identify your goals from the survey. We will agree on a target audience, how broad or narrow the survey demands….it could be 10 retailers with about 20 stores each, it could be 25 retailers that are single store operators, or you may decide that you want 25 chain retailers that each have a minimum of 50 stores each. Target certain demographic groups or stores. Whatever the demand and target is, Joe will achieve it. Joe knows the decision makers and influencers. With many relationships in place, Joe can ask the direct-tough questions and get you the results you need.

If you are tired of putting unlimited expense on the ground and into sales cars, salaries, and expense accounts, tired of paying for ‘Food Shows’ with limited leads and limited return, tired of buying dinners and unlimited golf-just to get your products on the shelves…call Joe. Stop the nonsense, right size your budget and hire the professionals to get you the business sales intelligence necessary to run your business.


  1. Independents won’t buy my equipment because of ‘wholesaler pressure’ or rebates.
  2. I am not competitive of ad placement monies; how can I fix this?
  3. Many Independent’s would gladly promote my products, if we would just call on them.
  4. Which stores will allow me to ‘test’ a new piece of equipment that isn’t ready to launch?
  5. Joe’s network allowed me to place 10 sku’s in 50 stores that I never would’ve reached!
  6. Chain stores are interested in ‘Continuous Improvement’, and my sales team must adjust.
  7. My products must be given ad support dollars and P.O.S Material-not just placement.
  8. D2R (Direct to Retail) is the future, I need to eliminate distributors and brokers.
  9. Chain’s demand more analytics in my product arena and I’ve been concentrating on price.
  10. In a confidential survey, Joe will protect our firm-act in our best interest-consult with us.

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