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Joseph Welsh Consulting will travel to your store (no matter where), and preform an evaluation with immediate recommendations.

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Each store is unique ... Each market is unique.

Each evaluation is taken very seriously.

Joseph Welsh Consulting will contact the owner/manager in advance of the trip to obtain, as much information about the store as possible…and to make the evaluation quicker, more efficient, and orderly. Joseph Welsh Consulting will arrive at store opening, visit (thoroughly) every department, aisle, backroom, bathroom, etc., consult with employees, owners, managers, and oh yes, customers.

Additionally, we will visit your competition (any and/or all), gather your trade area demographics, chamber of commerce, etc. As many resources as we can gather, will only help you-the retailer-improve your store. Our written evaluation will be honest, detailed, complimentary if warranted, and in some cases hurtful. Reminder, we are working in your best interest.

At the end of the evaluation (usually early evening or next morning), Joseph Welsh Consulting will ‘sit-down’ with the owner and others the owner requests, to go over the evaluation. Included in the evaluation will be immediate recommendations, potential shifts in policy/direction, possible new vendors, shelf maintenance programs, pricing strategies, and more. Joseph Welsh Consulting may recommend an additional ‘project’ by Joseph Welsh Consulting (at a future date)-and possibly an ongoing consulting contract. We are consultants, this is what we do.

Joseph Welsh Consulting is fully aware of the ‘tight margin’ nature of this business. Every penny counts in the life of an Independent Retail Grocer, and this will be SERIOUS BUSINESS, once we engage and start the project. Although no guarantees, most evaluation and project costs will be recaptured quickly. What do you have to lose, fresh eyes on your operation will only help.

All store evaluations remain confidential per our Non-Disclosure Agreement. For your convenience, see our sample projects page, for ideas, estimated cost information, etc.

Let’s discuss your store, set a date and sign the agreements to protect you. Once a deposit has been collected, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

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