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Understanding your competition only makes good sense.

Get the facts before making your next business move.

Do you know all about your trade or market area that you should? Do you have a complete and forensic understanding of your competitors, both Direct and In-Direct? Are you considering entering a ‘New’ trade or market area? Before making a big investment, wouldn’t it be more prudent to hire a professional to do a COMPETITIVE SURVEY, so that will you have all of the ‘numbers’? Understanding and having a file on the major players in any market is crucial to your success…do you have it? Let us handle this important piece for you.

A COMPETITIVE SURVEY will give a detailed analysis of each player in the trade or market area. You will have a lengthy insight into their operating model, volume, department distribution, KPI’s that we can investigate and provide, operating strength’s and weaknesses, vulnerabilities, shrink control, and detailed summary that will provide you with the business intelligence you need. No more guessing ‘how much business they do’, No more guessing ‘how much gross (GP) they are working on’, No more thumbnail guessing about ‘whether my store is better than theirs’…we will give you the facts. Sometimes, the competitive survey’s we furnish turn out to be ‘hurtful’ to the retailer that we serve but that is our job and responsibility. You will have the facts.

Many times, a COMPETITIVE SURVEY, will uncover opportunities for a retailer to raise their margins (or modify), expose them to new items-not being offered at their store, uncover vendor bias and favoritism, highlight operating deficiencies, and because we are experts…help formulate a game plan that will give you a competitive edge. Store improvements such as modifying an internal sign program, adjusting retails, changing your weekly ad format up, effecting an item rational process, adding a department or program that is non-existent in the trade or market area and more can be developed from a detailed COMPETITIVE SURVEY!


  1. My survey had the top 250 grocery items compared, need I make some adjustments?
  2. These stores have many more meat items, why aren’t my people merchandising better?
  3. I didn’t realize my weekly ad was so weak. Should I be more involved in it?
  4. There are new subdivisions going up, why don’t I have a new location close by?
  5. There are too many conventional Hi-Lo operators, how can I be different-and grow sales?
  6. Everyone’s parking lot is better than mine, should I seal and re-stripe mine?
  7. Some stores are more inviting than mine…what can I do within a budget to improve?
  8. My store is generating more sales per square foot than others, should I add a store or remodel, possibly I should concentrate on expense control?
  9. What lines of merchandise am I missing? Can Joe help me with ‘private store branding’?
  10. With some internal changes, can I build sales without much Cap-X budget for next year?

You need a Competitive Survey.

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