Wholesale, Nebraska (Regional Supplier)

Project Scenario D – 3 Day Retailer Conference, Education and JTG Speech

Sales manager and Executive Vice-President engage JWC to provide education seminars and a Joe-The-Grocer speech during their annual Retailer Conference. Retailers will come to town the night before, and begin the educational seminars the next morning. Client has requested that JWC review/instruct owners on the following topics: Break-Even Analysis, A Review of Financial Statements, Today’s Advertising and Social Media, Shrink Management and Expense Control.

Client requests that seminars happen between 8-5, with some breaks in between topics, and a lunch break at noon. After the retailer dinner, Client would like ‘Joe-The-Grocer’ to provide a speech on various retail topics, including supermarket jokes, life stories, and more. Need about one hour of stand-up for Joe-The-Grocer. Client also requests that JWC provide a retailer Q&A and Coffee discussion the following morning, prior to retailers returning to their stores.

Project Parameters

Training Audience:    Owners, Supplier Staff
Joe-The Grocer:     PG Version
Attendees:     Approximate 75
Equipment/Audio/Mic:     Furnished
Educational Packets:     Approximate 100
Duration:     1-hr bit
Estimated Hours:     12
Estimated Attendees:     200

Slide Background

Supplier provides annual workshop for his retail owners & next generation owners (sons and daughters, etc.). ‘Retail Conference’ provides increased training for owners, builds morale and goodwill with the warehouse, and gives the retailer-and their families a ‘quick-breather’ from the store.

Supplier brings in retailers the night before, has a small cocktail party/meet and greet at the hosting hotel. Educational sessions begin at 8:00am sharp, and conclude at 5:00pm. Dinner begins at a nice restaurant from 7:00-8:00pm. Joe-The-Grocer takes the stage for a comedic look at the retail grocery business from 8:15-9:15pm. Attendees leave ‘fired up’, excited about their business, and ready to build sales. JWC is approached by several retailers who want ‘evaluations’ and project work in their store. JWC will follow up with the engaging retailers.

Next morning, back at the hotel conference room, there is a breakfast gathering and Retailer Q&A with Joseph Welsh Consulting and the Supplier staff and CEO. Q&A is lively, full of debate, politics, industry ideas and shortcomings. Retailers and their families, are headed back to their stores by Noon. A very productive conference, and the wholesaler has strengthened his retailers and their supply relationship.


3 Day Retailer* Conference, Education and JTG Speech

Consulting Fees:

Preparation work for project (3/4 day)                                                                                               1,770.00
Day 1 (Wednesday)          Travel from El Paso, TX to Wholesale, Nebraska (3/4 day)                1,770.00
Day 2 (Thursday)              Daily Rate (Overtime waived)                                                                   2,360.00
Day 2 (Thursday)              Joe-The-Grocer 1-hr Speech, 2-hr prep.                                                     885.00
Day 3 (Friday)                    Morning Q&A and send-off (1/2 day rate)                                              1,180.00
Travel Home                                                                                                                                                    0.00
Total Fees                                                                                                                                           $   7,965.00


Airline Ticket, Coach Class-Southwest Airlines                                                                                     575.25
Cab Fees to Hotel, then back to airport                                                                                                     37.50
Hotel (Hyatt, 2 nights plus tax)                                                                                                                 178.46
Meals (all provided)                                                                                                                                        0.00
Supplies (Copies, Binders, Graphics, etc. for 100)                                                                                625.00
Shipping of Educational Materials                                                                                                             50.00
Total Expenses                                                                                                                                  $     1,466.21

* Costs associated with this sample project are solely for demonstration purposes. Actual costs will vary by project. Please call for pricing, (915) 471-6155.