Accounting and Statements

There is nothing more important to an Independent Retail Grocer than timely, accurate financial statements and reporting. If your decision making apparatus isn’t quick and accurate, how are you supposed to run the store? The truth is, you cannot.

Joe can help

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We are experts at analyzing statements.

Working with you to ``get a real grip`` on your business

After many years of constructing, key-punching, auditing, and tax planning within this industry…There is no on better equipped to help you than Joseph Welsh Consulting.

We will monitor the flow of information from the DSD system…to the front end…to the general ledger…and to the Balance Sheet, Operating Statements, and Statements of Cash Flow.

We are experts at analyzing statements, identifying areas of concern or manipulation, and working with you to ‘get a real grip’ on your business.

We can also:

  1. Set up accounting systems to protect you from theft
  2. Evaluate your current accounting, systems, and make recommendations
  3. Organize your financials to ‘make better sense’ of the information
  4. Share, target, and help you achieve industry standards
  5. Help you or your designate to know the basics
  6. Teach you fundamentals, such as break-even analysis, cash flow, and tax guard
  7. Work within the law and GAAP, to minimize your taxes
  8. Review your general ledger for errors, theft, and punch errors
  9. Evaluate inventory methods, change if necessary to provide you with better, quicker info
  10. There is ‘NO LIMIT’ to what we can do to help you. Call Joe Today!

Let’s discuss your accounting, your financials and your store(s). You can then set a date and sign the agreements to protect you. Once a deposit has been collect, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

Get a grip on your business.

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