Crisis Management

Are you or your business in trouble? Problems with the warehouse, problems at the bank, or problems with your family or partners?

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Many times, things DO NOT get better or improve by themselves.

We are here when you ``really need someone on your side.``

New competition coming to your town, and you need a strategy to “weather the storm?” Call us!

Have you received bad press in your market/town, and you need someone to “put things back together” in the community, in the store, and among your personnel? Contact us!

Cash Flow problems? Do you seem to be falling, further and further behind on debts, bank balances, and inventory levels? A bleeding store (for whatever reason) must be addressed immediately? Call us!

Need to sell your store (always last resort), and just don’t know how to go about it? Contact us immediately, so that we may… help you maximize your price, minimize/eliminate your capital gain tax, secure your employees…and get you out clean! Call us!

Future owners (kids, their spouses, others) not working well together? You unsure how to separate the business, assign responsibilities, create a winning work environment? Call us!

Divorce? Lawsuits? Internal theft? Kids want to leave the business? Partner problem? Disaster? We can help.

Joseph Welsh Consulting works for the Independent Retail Grocers across the country. Our mission would be to help each retailer survive, and crisis management is a very essential part of our business and services. We have chosen this business, as consultants, to help others. Once again, there is no more noble profession than that of the local grocer. Do not wait. Call us!

Call us today. Let’s discuss your problems or crisis, and of course, your store(s). We will then set a date for Joseph Welsh Consulting to visit. Once the agreements to protect you have been signed and a deposit collected, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

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