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Joseph Welsh is a life-long grocer with 40 years experience in retail, wholesale, and ‘in the field’. Holding nearly every single position in a retail operation, and many at the wholesale level…there is NO ONE more qualified to help you with your grocery business. Honored and revered by his peers, ‘Joe’ has been retailing in West Texas for many years, all while providing board service, advising, and participating in various retail task-forces nationally. Whatever your grocery business consulting need, ‘Joe’ is your guy!

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You can succeed

Fighting for You

In November of 2014, ‘Joe’ was diagnosed with Stage-4, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer. Given only a couple of months to live, ‘Joe’ sold his remaining supermarkets to a top-notch area retailer and continued his battle with cancer. After months of intense chemotherapy, Neulasta treatments, and hospital visits, ‘Joe’ has been deemed ‘in remission’ by his Oncologist fighting for you. According to ‘Joe’ in Fall of 2018, “I’ve never felt better!!!!”


In 2015, a healthy ‘Joe’ returned to the retail supermarket battlefield, dedicated to serve and consult with Independent Retail Grocers and related businesses nationwide! With Joe on your side, you can only SUCCEED!

Single store, Multi-unite, or large groups … ‘Joe’ is the guy to call for project work, shrink audits, start-ups, and under performing stores.

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Independent Grocers … the backbone of communities

Any size grocery store, any format, any competitive situation…’Joe’ is THE GUY! There is no more noble job, than that of the Independent Grocer, who is needed in every American Community, and ‘Joe’ is ready to work for you! ‘Joe’ attends trade shows and does project work throughout the country, and is just a phone call away to help you! Every client is served with confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Please browse our services.


The humor in groceries

“Joe’s” alter ego “Joe The Grocer” is available for your next event! Retailers, Wholesalers, Brokers, Manufacturers, Associations and others can call “Joe The Grocer” to provide a comedic, joke-laced motivational speech to your audience. “Joe The Grocer” will customize his presentation to your audience-emphasizing points of necessity. “Joe the Grocer” fills his speeches with his supermarket experience, years as a sports official, years as an AAU Basketball Coach, his battle with cancer-and life. The audience will come away laughing, motivated, and ready to battle! See our dedicated page “Joe The Grocer”, for all the services “Joe The Grocer” can provide!

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Sample Projects

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  • Consultation
  • Educational Seminars
  • Joe The Grocer
  • On-site Projects
  • Shrink Audit & Analysis
  • Store Evaluation
  • Trade Show

Project Scenario A

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
1-Day Store Evaluation
Condiment Aisle

Project Scenario B

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
5 Day Store Evaluation and Consultation
Bakery treats

Project Scenario C

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
2 Week Store Evaluation
Joseph Welsh Training

Project Scenario D

Educational Seminars, Joe The Grocer
3 Day Retailer Conference, Education and JTG Speech
Joe the Grocer

Project Scenario E

Educational Seminars, Joe The Grocer, Trade Show
2 Day State Trade Association Show

Project Scenario F

2 Day National Food and Beverage Company Consultation
Grocery Store Bread Aisle

Project Scenario G

On-site Projects, Shrink Audit & Analysis, Store Evaluation