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Most of the clients of Joseph Welsh Consulting participate in an “Consulting Agreement,” which is on-going. This gives you access to so much.

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There is no store that is too small, too large, or too complicated.

Costs will be recovered quickly upon project completion.

‘On the phone’ consulting, newsletters, insider specials and new product opportunities are just a few of the other services your Consultant Agreement gives you access to. These Consulting Contracts, come in 1-yr or 2-yr agreements. You or your designees can call us at any time, 7-days a week, to answer your questions, offer advice, participate in problem solving, and more. We require Consulting Contracts after some On-site Projects, as follow up will be needed-and retailer support a necessity. Call us to discuss this.

Other things we can do for you:

  • Courtroom Testimony/Expert Witness Services
  • Sit on your Board, as an outside Neutral party
  • Sit in on your weekly ad meeting via telephone, skype, or other
  • Call owner weekly to discuss any topic, offer advice or support
  • Provide ‘crash seminars’ for your staff and/or family
  • Recommend vendors, equipment, and industry friends to you
  • Help you purchase your next store or buy your competitor
  • Find a buyer for your store (always last resort)
  • Consult with your lawyer, accountant, or banker… (If you allow or need)
  • Off-site work from our office, tell us what you need…
  • Secret Shopper services, can be added to a store evaluation-if necessary
  • Market Survey of your area…Demos, Competitor Evaluations, Ad monitor, etc.
  • Ad planning, promotion planning, and merchandising ideas

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