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Speaking Engagements

Planning an event? Want something special? Need to motivate? You like Supermarket Jokes? Schedule ‘Joe The Grocer’ for your next event! ‘Joe The Grocer’ will provide a fun, relevant, comedic speech to motivate your audience. With your input, instruction, and target topics, ‘Joe The Grocer’ will construct and deliver the performance of a lifetime at your event! ‘Joe The Grocer’ has some ‘stock’ speeches should you have no preference, and will customize it to fit the audience. ‘Joe The Grocer’ will address the retail food industry, store dynamics, new trends…while allowing us to laugh at ourselves, enjoy some supermarket jokes…and reflect on his life in the industry, his life as a sports official, AAU basketball coach, father, and grand-father. Your audience will come away happy they attended, motivated, ready to do battle in the industry, and reliving Joe The Grocer’s performance! Of course…, ‘Joe The Grocer’ can perform in an educational environment, training seminar, Board of Director meeting, and more!

Educate and Motivate

Hire ‘Joe The Grocer’ to provide an educational seminar. Bring in those store managers/owners and let’s teach them about break-even analysis, cash flow, inventory turns, and gross profit mix. Advertising issues? Bring ‘Joe The Grocer’ in and let’s address: ad shrink, front-page strategy, merchandising within the ad, and tonnage. ‘Joe The Grocer’ can educate and motivate any audience, any time, and at any location. Whether you need ‘Joe The Grocer’ at the warehouse-to give the wholesale employees’ a ‘Retail Store Perspective’ on things, or you just need them to understand the Store Basics, in order to better serve their retailers. Any department, any audience, any topic, any time! Let’s get these employees motivated!

Product Endorsement

Manufacturers, Principals, and Brokers…need someone to sell your products? No one is more trustworthy with consumers than ‘Joe The Grocer’! New items, seasonal promotions, and ad ‘kick-offs’ there is no better ‘pitchman’ than ‘Joe The Grocer’. Television, radio, print or social media…‘Joe The Grocer’ can get it done. If you have a new product that needs launching-consult with ‘Joe The Grocer’ and let’s ‘get this done’! America’s housewives, young shoppers, and those with distinguished tastes…’Joe The Grocer’ can reach them all, and on budget!

Television and Print Character

Need someone to do the ‘lead-in’s” to your weekly television specials, contact ‘Joe The Grocer’. Together, we can develop a canned format to meet your needs-and with many versions-maximize the effectiveness of your television budget. Want to use ‘Joe The Grocer’ in your weekly ad, and follow that through with ‘In-store’ décor and merchandising P.O.P.? Do you need an affordable ‘character’ and logo to use in your weekly ad, to build trust with your customers? Let’s get those sales up with effective advertising!

Special Appearances

You need someone to really add to your event? Call ‘Joe The Grocer’ to work your booth, greet customers, and be on-site at your Grand Opening, Anniversary Sale, Product Expo, or whatever the occasion! If you need that engaging personality, to make you different, ‘Joe The Grocer’ is your guy!

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