Anywhere, USA (National Food and Beverage Company)

Project Scenario F – 2 Day National Food and Beverage Company Consultation

JWC is contacted by a ‘national food and beverage company’, who wants to discuss issues important to Independent Retail Grocers, possible sales plans and program direction when proposing agreements with the retailers. Client is concerned they are losing ground with Independent

Grocers, and needs to better format their business model-when attempting to partner with Independent grocers. Client wants JWC to review, contrast, and make suggestions on past sales plans-with what they are currently working with.



JWC travels to the company headquarters. A day and a half was spent with the client discussing and reviewing their ‘approach’ to Independent retail grocers. JWC reviewed past programs, programs in effect, and proposed future proposals. Client ‘genuinely’ wants to increase sales volume with Independents, has the money to spend, and sales force. JWC made client aware of Independent Retailer Grocers ongoing fears and skepticism of national companies, such as:

  1. Owning product at the same cost that chain stores, big box, and discounters own it at
  2. Independents survive on ‘street money’, rebates, and growth incentives…removal of those monies from the system, has hurt Independents
  3. Independents want and need print ad space, paid for
  4. Fair treatment for Independents on POP Materials, giveaways, promotions, and more
  5. As costs of doing-business increase, the client must stop proposing retail prices with such low margins. It discourages retailers immediately
  6. And more……

JWC gave the client an earful on the ‘years of abuse’ Independents have suffered through and that much work must be done to repair those feelings.  Client appreciated the ‘frank, no nonsense talk’, and will continue working for a better relationship with Independent Retail Grocers.

Client Fees*: 2 Day National Food and Beverage Company

Consulting Fees:

Day 1 (Monday)           Travel from El Paso, TX to Client Headquarters (1/2 day)                       1,180.00
Day 1 (Monday)           Daily Rate (1/2 day)                                                                                        1,180.00
Day 2 (Tuesday)          Daily Rate                                                                                                          2,360.00
Travel Home                                                                                                                                                    0.00
Total Fees                                                                                                                                           $   4,720.00


Airline Ticket (Client Paid)                                                                                                                            0.00
Hotel (Hyatt Downtown, Client Paid)                                                                                                          0.00
Meals (3 actual)                                                                                                                                           61.25
Total Expenses                                                                                                                                     $     61.25

* Costs associated with this sample project are solely for demonstration purposes. Actual costs will vary by project. Please call for pricing, (915) 471-6155.