Merchandising Overhaul

A re-set is a re-set. A re-tag is a re-tag. A Merchandising Overhaul is a re-map, new philosophy, and relaunch of your store or stores.

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We can help you consider all of the factors.

In many cases, the project cost will be recouped in the first week.

One of the most popular On-site Projects is a Merchandising Overhaul. Of course a re-set and a re-tag will likely be involved, but a complete evaluation of category location, traffic flow, endcap and off-shelf merchandising, aisle-to-aisle gross profit schemes and category tonnage will all be included. During a Merchandising Overhaul, so many factors have to be considered. Call Joseph Welsh Consulting to lead this change.

Ask yourself these questions: Does my ad program, reflect my store? Is my ad program, addressing my competition? Can I afford my ad, or is the ad shrink too much for my cash flow situation? Would I be better off doing my own ad, and controlling things? Does the merchandising in my store, make sense for my ‘niche’? Is my store merchandised for growth and gross profits, or just to move product in the ad? Is Private Label getting the respect it deserves on each aisle? Are my endcaps effective as profit producers, or just to accommodate ad product-and keep the backroom clean? Do I have enough variety in my store to attract new customers-or do I just have 100% of the warehouse stuff? Does my pricing make sense? Do I have a strategy-or do I just follow the ‘house’ zone? Why aren’t my non-ad items selling like they used to? Is the dollar store having an impact on my center store?

Sadly, many of these answers will be ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’. Friends, these are only a few questions that Joseph Welsh Consulting will be addressing during a Merchandising Overhaul.

After a Merchandising Overhaul done by Joseph Welsh Consulting, sales, profits, traffic will all be WAY UP! In many cases, the project cost will be recouped in the first week.

We can work with your staff, to construct a merchandising plan, that will:

  • Be easy to understand and rally behind
  • Be easy to follow, once Joe leaves
  • Increase customer count, sales, and profits
  • Increase cash flow
  • Make sense for your size store, competitive situation, and customers
  • Control ad markdowns and keep gross close to ‘bill-in’
  • And More….

Let’s discuss your store(s), set a date and sign the agreements to protect you. Once a deposit has been collected, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

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