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All services can be customized around your specific issues.

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The Grocery Business covers a wide spectrum of players. We provide services to make sure everyone is covered.

‘Joe’ has held just about ever possible position in the grocery industry, knows the ins and outs, and how all of the players can work together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Retail Supermarket Owners and Operators

Every retailer has different needs, so we will customize your requests to fit your operation, budget, and time frame.

Wholesalers, Brokers and Manufacturers

For the Independent Retail Supermarket to survive, they must have a healthy supply relationship with you. Learn how to improve that relationship.

Associations and Trade Shows

Ask Joe The Grocer to educate and entertain.

Unmatched Expertise

Providing solutions for your grocery business with our services.

Joe The Grocer

Planning an event? Want something special? Need to motivate? You like Supermarket Jokes?

On-site Projects

Joseph Welsh Consulting specializes in ‘On-site Projects’. We will travel to your store for a week, two-weeks, 11 consecutive days, or whatever you, the Retailer, need.

Advertising Strategies

Simple question…Does your weekly ad do the job for you? If it is even a “thought” or “I don’t know” or “No”….

Crisis Management

Are you or your business in trouble? Problems with the warehouse, problems at the bank, or problems with your family or partners?

“No Limit” Consulting

Our mission is the survival and growth of the Independent Retail Grocer. With that in mind, we are the “No Limit” Consultant.

Store Evaluations

Joseph Welsh Consulting will travel to your store (no matter where), and preform an evaluation with immediate recommendations.

Merchandising Overhaul

A re-set is a re-set. A re-tag is a re-tag. A Merchandising Overhaul is a re-map, new philosophy, and relaunch of your store or stores.

Accounting & Statements

There is nothing more important to an Independent Retail Grocer than timely, accurate financial statements and reporting. If your decision making apparatus isn’t quick and accurate, how are you supposed to run the store? The truth is, you cannot.

Family Transitions

What is the plan for the future? Multiple children or relatives in the business and you don’t know how to move forward? Concerned about tax issues, and how to “slowly retire”?

Other Services

Most of the clients of Joseph Welsh Consulting participate in an “Consulting Agreement,” which is on-going. This gives you access to so much.