Need someone who really speaks the language to retailer’s? Joe is the answer!

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Can't afford expensive food shows?

Have Joe represent your products, equipment or services to retailers

Hire JOE to be on your side and represent your products, equipment, or services in the industry. Can’t afford all those expensive food shows? Can’t afford to pay $1000’s in front money, slotting allowances, rebates, corporate perks, and more? Hire Joe. Need someone who really speaks the language to retailer’s, Joe is the answer!

No one see’s more retailer’s, knows more retailer’s, and visits more stores than Joe. At least daily, retail leaders of large groups, store owners themselves, equipment and store engineering personnel ask Joe about products, equipment, services and more. Wouldn’t it be great, if yours’ was the first item out of Joe’s mouth?

Specialty products? Direct ship items? Accounting services? Cash Register’s? Equipment? Of course, your product or service will have to be worthy, have you behind it, and this endorsement isn’t free. We can work out arrangements of all types and customize to your business size, scale, coverage, and location. Joe wants to help!

Hire Joe to work in your booth at your next selling event or Food Show. Don’t be disappointed with your food show results, hire Joe and let’s get those orders up, make some deals to expand your business, and grow. There is nothing worse than a few un-motivated, less than energetic people just hanging’ around the booth! You need the EXTROVERT PROFESSIONAL, that will engage the audience at the show-and drive booth traffic! Get JOE hired today!


  1. After five years of trying to connect, Joe called the RIGHT PERSON, and we were in!
  2. By retaining Joe, I was able to replace a retiring salesman. We saved $150,000 plus!
  3. Joe got our slotting allowance waived, we used the savings on ad payments and P.O.S.
  4. I didn’t know what a scan-down was, but Joe helped us ‘get the bang for the buck’.
  5. I thought all the money went to the ad company, now we are paying retailers DIRECT!
  6. Food shows are now a profit center, no longer an expense item. Hiring Joe did it!
  7. If he puts his name behind it, the retailers will listen…and buy!
  8. Joe worked well with our existing staff…gave them leads, helped with strategy and more.
  9. Joe helped us get our products into Mexico and the Caribbean…last thing on our minds…
  10. From the initial consultation, we knew we were on a winning team. Thank Joe.

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