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Sometimes we find ourselves in litigation. Joe is an expert in retail supermarket matters!

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Joe is a Retail Supermarket Industry Expert

Joseph Welsh is available to provide EXPERT TESTIMONY is retail supermarket matters. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in litigation. No matter the issue, talking to each other is always the best approach, and finding common ground. Should your situation move beyond the talking, I can also help.

I can be consulted on the matter, in a confidential manner, with you, your lawyer and/or a third-party. When necessary, I can travel and give courtroom testimony-be on stand-by, or to help your legal team with ‘lines of questioning’ to be effective for you, my client. As an expert in the Retail Supermarket Industry, virtually I will be qualified in most all topics related. Lease negotiation/arbitration…Supply Agreements…Fraud/Malfeasance…Bad Practices…Employee and Vendor Theft…Financial Statement Matters…Human Resources…Operations…and more.

We are bound by confidentiality with clients and will work to resolve your problem in the manner you want it.


  1. It was easier and more economical to retain and consult with Joe, prior to filing.
  2. Joe raised so many points in my situation, that I wasn’t even considering. Glad I called.
  3. Joe’s financial background allowed us to dissect financials and study them forensically.
  4. Terminology became confusing in our case, glad we had Joe on retainer to clear it up.
  5. Because we had a SUPERMARKET EXPERT, our case eventually settled prior to court.
  6. Joe helped a wholesaler who was defrauded by a retailer who ‘faked’ their financials.
  7. We were lucky to hire one expert…as opposed to many…he can handle it all.
  8. Considering Arbitration? Let Joe help mediate the problem-before we spend ‘big bucks’.
  9. Had Joe not been on staff, our client would be out many more 1000’s of dollars.
  10. Joe’s resume and credentials are un-matched in the industry.

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