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Project Scenario A

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
1-Day Store Evaluation
Condiment Aisle

Project Scenario B

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
5 Day Store Evaluation and Consultation
Bakery treats

Project Scenario C

Consultation, On-site Projects, Store Evaluation
2 Week Store Evaluation
Joseph Welsh Training

Project Scenario D

Educational Seminars, Joe The Grocer
3 Day Retailer Conference, Education and JTG Speech
Joe the Grocer

Project Scenario E

Educational Seminars, Joe The Grocer, Trade Show
2 Day State Trade Association Show

Project Scenario F

2 Day National Food and Beverage Company Consultation
Grocery Store Bread Aisle

Project Scenario G

On-site Projects, Shrink Audit & Analysis, Store Evaluation

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