Advertising Strategies

Simple question…Does your weekly ad do the job for you? If it is even a “thought” or “I don’t know” or “No”….

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Reflect your message while staying in budget.

Maximize your sales and profits.

Does your ad program (weekly ad, radio, social media, email, window signs, and/or television) fit your budget, maximize your sales and profits, and reflect your message?

After a Store Evaluation, and sizing up your advertising budget and ad programs, Joseph Welsh Consulting can do the following for you:

  1. Leave your ad program alone, because you need no help (unlikely)
  2. Utilize your current ad, modify it a bit, then relaunch the program with a new roll-out
  3. Analyze your ad shrink, to keep your gross profits at the level necessary for cash flow and debt service
  4. Construct a brand new Ad Strategy, to meet your profits need, reflect your store, and be cohesive with a top-notch Merchandising Overhaul.
  5. Work with the ad department at your wholesaler, to help your store, not the group.
  6. Integrate the merchandising plan in-store, to weekly reflect in your ad-which will help you combat the competition better.
  7. Construct your ideas, no one else’s, in any format you may choose.
  8. 4-page tab, 4-page stretch, 8-page roto, inserts, gates, and spadias…we can work with them all.

These are just a few of the items that Joseph Welsh Consulting can help you with. We can build your entire program from the bottom-up. We can start from zero-and present you a shining star. Whether it be ad production, ad distribution, in-store, roller programs, signage, décor and graphics…JOE can help! Call us today!

Let’s discuss your ad program/ad strategy and your store(s), set a date and sign the agreements to protect you. Once a deposit has been collected, your date is then firm and the work can begin.

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