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You owe it to yourself to have this done for any acquisition, new build-out, ground up, or potential market you may enter.

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A RETAIL SITE SURVEY will focus on your desired location, either ‘Fresh Dirt’, a new development, or an existing retail space that you are considering as your next location. Joe and his team will pinpoint the site, establish a reasonable ‘pull factor’ based on many items, develop the demographic make-up of the likely clientele (according to your format), establish likely building costs on that site or leasehold improvements if pertinent, and give you the information necessary to move forward. You will know, almost exactly, what your likely traffic count will be in the store, how much they will spend, and the variables associated with that specific RETAIL SITE SURVEY. We factor in: ingress, regress, natural barriers, man made barriers affecting the site, motor vehicle traffic, foot traffic, neighborhood demographics, household income, home ownership and more.

A MARKET OR TRADE AREA ANALYSIS will focus on the entire area, not just site-specific numbers. Through many of the same procedures and data used in a RETAIL SITE SURVEY, we will also consider the current direct and in-direct competitors in the market, population growth or decline, store formats in the market (Hi-Lo, COOP, Big Box, Value Chain, Limited Assortment, Ethnic Stores, etc.), and get you the ‘BIG PICTURE’ of the market. You will know the how much is available in the market, what you are likely to pull, who is my competition, and most importantly…IF YOU FIT IN THE MARKET! Are you needed?


  1. How many dollars per household are being spent on food from supermarkets?
  2. What are the ETAF’S (Estimated Trade Area Factor) multipliers by neighborhood?
  3. Is concrete more expensive in my target market vs. what it is two counties away?
  4. How do the ETAF’s change my break-even, based on my advertising-distribution?
  5. Why is my rent $12 per square foot, triple net…but lower at a nearby location?
  6. Will the PAD’s in my target lease location parking lot affect my traffic?
  7. Will my cash flow weather the developing neighborhoods I am counting on for sales?
  8. Which factors on a REATIL SITE SURVEY will affect my pro-forma’s and break-even’s?
  9. Should I build or lease my new store? How much will it cost?
  10. Will my format work? Does the Market need a different format? Can I do it? Ideas, Joe?

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