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State and national food associations are an important piece to the survival of the Independent Grocer. Joseph Welsh Consulting recognizes the important work that is done by these dedicated individuals-and what a ‘thankless’ job it usually is. Joseph Welsh Consulting is here to help with your annual shows, continuing education, and retail membership. We can provide educational seminars for your attendees and members, booth presence, and support in any form that you need it. In many cases, ‘bartering’ our booth fees for a speaking engagement and or educational session or two, is acceptable. Naturally, we like to work as far ahead as possible, and are anxious to hear from you about your next event.

Trade Shows

Wholesale food shows are one component of the important relationship between supply and retail. Let us participate! The Welsh family enjoyed many years of quality suppliers to its retail stores, so Joseph Welsh Consulting emphasizes with every customer the importance to build this strong alliance. It is imperative, for the independent supermarket to survive, that his supplier relationship be strong. We would like to attend your show…purchase booth space…and help the Independent retail supermarkets that you serve, with consulting services. Should you need us to go further, it’s what we do. We can lead off your show with a motivational speech, to get them in the ‘buying mood’….we can provide educational services/seminars the morning of your show…or we can host your Retailer Dinner at your show/event with Joe-The-Grocer serving as the MC! Contact us and let us help.

Other Shows or Events

Life experiences, or off-retail topics? We can provide. So we are clear, our focus is the benefit and health of retail supermarkets-and we will always serve them first. If you are industry related…manufacturer…broker…equipment…finance…or another business, contact us to work your event. Joseph Welsh Consulting visits hundreds of stores annually, and you’ll have no better advocate for your ‘products’ (provided they are worthy) than our group. Retailers need advice, and when they hire us…we have to rely on products and services that we know are going to work for our customers. If you need help, distribution in stores, and are ready to stand behind your business and products, call us…and we can help.

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