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We are the ‘No-Limit’ Retail Supermarket Consultants serving single or multi-store Independent Grocers nationwide.

Our Services

Designed to Help Independent Grocers excel.

Store Evaluations

Joseph Welsh Consulting will travel to your store (no matter where), and preform an evaluation with immediate recommendations.

On-site Projects

Joseph Welsh Consulting specializes in ‘On-site Projects’. We will travel to your store for a week, two-weeks, 11 consecutive days, or whatever you, the Retailer, need.

Merchandising Overhaul

A re-set is a re-set. A re-tag is a re-tag. A Merchandising Overhaul is a re-map, new philosophy, and relaunch of your store or stores.

Advertising Strategies

Simple question…Does your weekly ad do the job for you? If it is even a “thought” or “I don’t know” or “No”….

Accounting & Statements

There is nothing more important to an Independent Retail Grocer than timely, accurate financial statements and reporting. If your decision making apparatus isn’t quick and accurate, how are you supposed to run the store? The truth is, you cannot.

Crisis Management

Are you or your business in trouble? Problems with the warehouse, problems at the bank, or problems with your family or partners?

Family Transitions

What is the plan for the future? Multiple children or relatives in the business and you don’t know how to move forward? Concerned about tax issues, and how to “slowly retire”?

“No Limit” Consulting

Our mission is the survival and growth of the Independent Retail Grocer. With that in mind, we are the “No Limit” Consultant.

Other Services

Most of the clients of Joseph Welsh Consulting participate in an “Consulting Agreement,” which is on-going. This gives you access to so much.

With more than 35 years of experience in retail supermarkets of all sizes and formats, wholesale companies, and assorted board service, Joe is your guy! Joe doesn’t work for the bank, wholesaler, or the competitor…Joe works for you-and will have your best interest always in mind, and in first position. Joseph Welsh Consulting, and Joe-The-Grocer, will serve you with confidentiality, integrity, and honesty. During our project at your store(s), we will educate your employees, bring family members along in retail, and put in place’ the fundamentals to ensure that you survive in this most difficult of businesses.

Every retailer has different needs, so we will customize your requests to fit your operation, budget, and time frame. We will listen carefully during intake (our initial free consultation), then propose a plan to the owner or his designate. Once an agreement is struck, we then move to contracts’ (Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality, Fees and Expenses Agreement, Services Agreement, etc.) that are simple, easy to understand, and short. Upon signing the agreement, we will furnish you with wiring/payment instructions to secure your date. No date is secure, until deposit has been received. Unfortunately, we do not furnish refunds, once a date is secured.

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