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For the Independent Retail Supermarket to survive, they must have a healthy supply relationship with you. Learn how to improve that relationship.

Traditionally, wholesalers have provided ‘field-men’, ‘retail counselors’, ‘perishable guys’ and others who travel store to store protecting the business. In a world where, payroll dollars continue to ‘get tighter’, and a fleet of vehicles is no longer feasible-you can count on Joseph Welsh Consulting to help. I will do all I can to help strengthen the alliance between wholesaler and retailer. How can I help you guys? Education seminars? Guest Speaking as Joseph Welsh or ‘Joe The Grocer’?

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Suggested Seminars and Meetings

Owner’s Meeting

Bring the retail store owners in for a warehouse meeting, possibly some education of new trends/ideas/other markets/industry legislation. To finish it off, you bring in Joe-The-Grocer to give a comedic, motivational, grocery store joke-laced speech…that will send the owners back to their stores FIRED UP! Ready to evaluate operations, get that new equipment ordered, and pound the floors to increase customer count. Let’s face it…we all need a nudge or kick in the seat sometimes.

Next Generation Owners Meeting

The supermarket business is tough enough, then you add ‘family dynamics’ into the mix. Now it’s really tough!! Let’s bring in the active sons’ and daughters of the store owners, and bring them along. We can start with some ‘family business’ issues-address those, provide some education… (break-even analysis, merchandising trends, fresh ideas that the entire family can get behind, and more.) Once again, we can close it with Joe-The-Grocer providing a customized speech just for this group, that will send them back motivated, ready to work with the older generation, yet ready to capture their future!

Store Managers Meeting

Bringing these guys/gals in, or meeting at a geographically neutral location, can be accommodated to continue the growth process. In addition to strengthening our owners-by educating their managers, we are all working to groom our possible future store owners! Every manager dreams of ownership! Joseph Welsh Consulting can review the fundamentals with these managers, help them understand financials, cash flow, inventory turnover-as well as provide many new ideas to help them improve their store. ‘You can’t run the store from the office’ and ‘You can’t grow sales with a stale store’ and other ideas will be emphasized with this group. One day or two days, customizable seminars available.

Perishable Managers Meeting

Similar messages can be conveyed to this group, as they lead people and are responsible for distribution and gross profit. Fresh ideas, shrink management, and more can be incorporated into a seminar, speech, and training!

Wholesale/Warehouse Personnel Meeting

Joseph Welsh Consulting can provide retail supermarket education for your staff. Understanding your customers (Independent Retailers), their business, and the items that are likely to help them succeed or fail is vital for any successful wholesale operation. Let Joseph Welsh Consulting come to your location. Provide some education, discuss store issues and opportunities, and help you solidify and grow your business and the relationship with retail.

Any seminar can be customized. Many vendors will help subsidize the costs associated with these seminars and education.

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